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January, 2038

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 Lux Levesque

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Lux Levesque


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Character sheet
Age: 16
House: Slytherin
Year: Sixth Year

PostSubject: Lux Levesque   July 2nd 2009, 1:25 pm

In Character

Name: Lux Astoria Levesque
Nicknames: Lux
Year AND Age: Sixth year and sixteen years old
Preferred houses: Ravenclaw, Slytherin:
Birthday - December 11:
Blood Status: Pure


Hair: Long, chocolate brown
Eye color: Hazel
Build:slim, slender, but some muscles
Other distinguishing features:Full lips. Rounded, but thin face.

Personality: Lux can sometimes be described as a quiet girl, until she is comfortable to open up. She likes to learn, and can often be found in the library or commonroom reading. Lux is very hands on and she likes to be entertained. She gets bored easily, and cannot stay focused on some of the rather boring classes. She loves to draw and write and sing. She also enjoys flying on her broomstick and looking up at the stars. Lux is very family and friend oriented. She loves to help, and loves to make new friends. She is sometimes outspoken, but is mostly conservative. She does not like to show herself to a lot of people. She is very prejudiced about some wizards because of her parents, but she has been trying to get better about it.


-Becomes bored easily
-Opening up
-Can't swim
-Missing class


-Family and Friends
-Writing and Drawing
-The Dark Arts

-Being away from family
-People without manners
-History Class

Motto: Do what you love and f(orget) the rest.


Brother:Gauthier (older)
Sisters:Marie (younger)

History: Lux was raised on a small farm in the northern part of England. She lived there her entire life. Even though her family was Pure of blood, they were not very wealthy. Both her parents held jobs in the Ministry of Magic. She became very close to both her brother and sister. She was however closest to her mother. Her mom would often teach her French and about the stars. While she lived in the small British town, she made friends with a girl named Molly Hearting. Even though she was a muggle, Lux did not allow for it to come between them.

Lux was the closest with her mother. Although in her looks, she took mostly after her father, she possessed different traits of her mother. She liked to sing and draw and look at the sky. While Lux was attending school, Alessandra became ill. She stayed in St. Mungos for a while, and Lux visited her frequently. Later, however, she died from the illness. Lux often wears a moonshaped necklace that her mother gave her when she was a small girl.

Lux writes home frequently to keep in touch with her family and also writes to Molly.[b]

[b]Short Role play: Lux had escaped to the Astronomy Tower without getting caught. She knew it was midnight, and students weren't to be out of bed, but she couldn't sleep. She needed time to think. As she stood in the tower, she looked up at the night sky. It always calmed her and allowed her to release her thoughts openly. Here she felt most connected with who she was and to her mother. Lux looked up at the stars with envy. They were so beautiful and would live for millions of years, while she was a finite being. Closing her eyes, she sighed and smiled, taking in the perfect moment alone.

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Elizabeth Potter

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PostSubject: Re: Lux Levesque   July 2nd 2009, 10:18 pm

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Lux Levesque
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