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 Sophie Malfoy

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Sophie Malfoy
Slytherin Student
Slytherin Student

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Sophie Malfoy   April 2nd 2009, 2:37 am

In Character

Name: Sophie Narcissa Malfoy
Nicknames: Sophi, Soph
Year AND Age: 4th/14
Preferred houses (state 2): Slyhterin/Gryffindor
Birthday - Month/Day/Year:Oct/31/2023
Blood Status:Pure
Race: (vampire)

Height: 5'0
Eye color:blue
Skin: pale but soft
Build: skinny but not to skinny
Other distinguishing features: has a birthmark right above her elbow

Personality(one paragraph): Sophia is very sweet and very out-going. Sophie loves adventures and causing trouble every now and then. Sophie is very down to earth and speaks her mind which leads her to losing points or a detention. Sophie is very stubborn like all Malfoys and can be very rude when she has to be. Sophie is nice to everyone who is nice to her and will be very loyal and do anything to protect them. Although Sophie is very ambitious and very cunning she is as well very brave and very ismart and clever. Sophie loves a good laugh as well smiling alot, but she is emotional about alot of things which leads her to being angry with herself.
Skills (name 5): Quidditch (Seeker like her farhter), Dueling, Potions, causing trouble, knowing when people are lying to her.
Weaknesses (name 5): boys, her emotions, Transfigurations, History of Magic (thinks it's boring) doing her homework at times
Likes (name 5): Potions, Quidditch, her last name, rainy days, boys
Dislikes (name 5): annoying people, people who lie, backstabbers, people who judge other people, her emotions

Motto: "Never judge people by there looks, but by there attitude!

Father: Draco Malfoy
Mother:Jade Malfoy
Brother/Sisters: Scorpius Malfoy (twin I think that's all I maybe wrong if not I'll edit it! Wink)
Other family:Lucius II Malfoy
Draco II Malfoy, Nathaniel Malfoy,Dale, Zale, Blaise, Narcissa, Bella

History(two paragraph): Sophie Narcissa Malfoy was born Oct. 31st by Jade and Draco Malfoy on a cold fall day. Sophie was born and raised into the wealthy Pure Blood Malfoys. Sophie is the twin sister of Scorpius Malfoy who's older then her by a minute. At the age of eleven Sophie got accepted into Hogwarts and sorted into Slyhterin like all the Malfoy's before her. Proud that Sophie was following the family tradition being in Slytherin she continued her hogwarts years. At the age of fourteen Sophie wasn't no longer human.

At the age of fourteen Sophie got bitten shortly after she turned fourteen in the Forbidden forest when she had detention for sneaking out to the kitchen past curfew. Sophiw was found by teachers and was taken back to the castle but once they found her it was already to late. Sophie was already a vampire and there was nothing they could do, so Sophie trained herself as well with other vampires friends of her to control her urges for human blood. Sophie haven't been a vampire long but long enough to forget some about her human life. Sophie like her mother and farther has the ability to stay forever!

Other Info: Sophie vampire ability to transmit thoughts to someone by touching their skin and penetrating mental shields

Short Role play(one paragraph): Sophie walked down the long hall of the Malfoy Manor heading to get a snack. As she reached the kitchen he opened the fridge quietly. "Freeze little Missy, what are you doing up?" her mother Jade Malfoy asked. "I was just getting a drink and a snack I was hunger and thirsty."said Sophie. "Alright but after that straight to bed you have a train to catch tomorrow."said Jade. "Alright mom."said Sophie as she took a drink of water and a cookie and went back to bed. Shaking her head Jade Malfoy followed her daughter and shut off the lights.

Did you PM the admin the site password? (which Admin) Yes, Elizabeth Potter Malfoy
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Jade Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Sophie Malfoy   April 2nd 2009, 8:27 pm


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Sophie Malfoy
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