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January, 2038

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 Zoe-Lynn Kavanagh

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Zoe-Lynn Kavanagh


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PostSubject: Zoe-Lynn Kavanagh   April 6th 2009, 10:53 pm

In Character

Putting in a request for Avril Lavigne

Name: Zoe-Lynn Kavanagh
Nicknames: ZoZo
Gender: Female
Year AND Age: 6th/16
Preferred houses (state 2): Hufflepuff (thats where I would love to be, but am willing to go where needed)
Birthday - Month/Day/Year: October 31, 2020
Blood Status: Half-blood
Race: (vampire/werewolf, witch/wizard) (Choose one) Witch

Height: 5
Hair: Shoulder length that changed from Brown to Blonde; but she changes it often
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skin: Pale
Build: Small
Other distinguishing features: Just that she tends to stand out. Changing her hair color often

Personality(one paragraph):
Zoe is a semi-shy person. She might not walk up to a stranger but if said stanger talks to her she opens up and talks back. This has been an issue since her birth. Her mother always feard this in Zoe. No person was off limits for her. An outsider would think that Zoe would trust as easily as she talked but this just wasn't the case. Zoe could talk to others about their problems but she rarely spoke of her own. Once Zoe made a friend, she stood beside them, come what may. This often got her in trouble with more than just her mother. On a nice warm day, Zoe can be found, outside in the weather. She loves being outside. Truly it doesn't matter if it is sunny or not. It is almost as if she is one with nature and snimals. This tended to get her in a lot of trouble. In Zoe's free time she loves to draw. Since she had very few friends, she used her draw book as her escape. She was a great artist. Her drawings we almost lifelike. Her mother always said that she would make a great artist. The stongest of Zoe's pet peeves are people who lie and those who are way too push. She cannot stand those types and will keep her disatance. If this isn't possible she tends to state her mind. Which then opens doors for all kinds of trouble.

Skills (name 5): Herebology; Having the ability to help others; Warms up to people easy, drawing, very strong friend
Weaknesses (name 5): Semi-shy, Doesn't trust people very easy, will talk to anyone no matter the danger, will go to any lengths for a friend, the outdoors on a warm day; Wants to help everyone and can't understand why is can't
Likes (name 5): Loves to draw, being outdoors, being with her friends; music; Helping others
Dislikes (name 5): Liars, Overly pushy people, being stuck inside; people taking advantage of others; Abusive people

Motto: Nobody is as you as you are.

Father: Jerek Kavanagh (wizard)
Mother: Willow Jameson (muggle)
Brother/Sisters: none that she is aware of

History(two paragraph):
Zoe was born to Willow and Jerek Kavanagh on October 31, 2021. Willow was a muggle and Jerek was a wizard. Willow knew nothing about Jerek's magic until after Zoe was born. Willow didn't like Jerek's magic but wouldn't leave her girl alone, so she grew to accept it. For the first couple of years of Zoe's life, life was normal. But suddenly, one day, a few weeks shy of Zoe's 3rd birthday, Jerek never came home from work. Of course they said he had had a work related injury but there was never any way to prove this. This was very hard for Willow but she managed.

Willow dedicated her entire life to taking care of Zoe. Willow's family didn't have much to do with her or her daughter. But they managed. Zoe never went without, but she also grew up knowing that things always came at a price. She saw what her mother gave up so she could have this or that. Even though Zoe wanted her mother to remarry so she could have siblings, it never happened. Afraid to have anyone non magic around Zoe, Willow never remarried.

Soon Zoe came into her abilities. This caused many problems due to the fact that Willow had no idea what Zoe was going through and didn't know anyone to help. Jerek had always kept his family out of Willow's life. All Zoe knew of her father's family was that most were no longer alive and those there were wanted nothing to do with them. Finally time came for Zoe to leave for school.

Short Role play(one paragraph):

Zoe hurried out the front door onto the grounds. Classes were over and she really needed some fresh air. Once free of the prison bounds, she stopped, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The spring air was fresh with the blossoming flowers and trees. The bright shine of the sunlight made her raise her hand to cover her eyes. She was more than happy. It was almost as if words couldn't describe her feeling now.

Zoe started walking. She followed the well beaten, gray stone path tthat lead from the school. Alongside the path were bushes fillied with budding roses, Zoe's favorite. Not just one color either as one would expect. The white, pink, red and purple roses were all growing in the same bush. Zoe picked up her hand and touched a purple bud. "You will be beautiful." Zoe told the bud. She smiled at once and continued her walk.

The birds were chirping such a beautiful song that Zoe couldn't help herself. She stoped and turned to face them. On a branch of a nearby green brush, sat a pair of love birds. They were singing away. Such a beautiful song. She closed her eyes again listening to the sound of the birds. Slowly and without effort, a smile crept its way onto her face. She pulle dher draw book closer to her chest without truly thinking. Zoe was at peace.

Did you PM the admin the site password? (which Admin) Elizabeth Potter-Malfoy

Originally created on Providence Academy.If can be found HERE

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PostSubject: Re: Zoe-Lynn Kavanagh   April 6th 2009, 11:10 pm

Welcome to Hufflpuff

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Zoe-Lynn Kavanagh
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