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January, 2038

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 Damien Irish

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Damien Irish


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Age: 17
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Year: Seventh Year

PostSubject: Damien Irish   May 10th 2009, 11:56 pm

Name: Damien Irish
Nicknames: Dane, Dog
Gender: Male
Year AND Age: 7th / 16
Preferred houses (state 2): Hufflepuff
Birthday - Month/Day/Year: March 1st, 2020
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Race: wizard

Height: 6' 5
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Skin: White
Build: Quite strong

Personality(one paragraph): Damien is a kind fellow guy, with most things he need for his life. He is almost everything a girl wants, but he waits to find the right girl.

Skills (name 5): DADA, History of Magic, Herbology, Sports (both muggle and wizard), and keeping secrets

Weaknesses (name 5): girls, asking a girl on a date, scared of thunder, can't sleep at night well

Likes (name 5): DADA, Herbology, Sports, the moon, the rain

Dislikes (name 5): Rude/Stuck up people, DE's, when he can't help someone, the pain

Motto: Don't judge on what you see, judge what your heart tells you.

Father: David William Meyer
Mother: Michelle May (Park) Meyer
Brother/Sisters: Danielle Lyra Meyer

History(two paragraph):

Damien was born to David and Michelle Meyer at a very young age for his mother, was not ready. He got adopted to another family in order to protect Michelle to finish Drumstrang. Damien all his life had lived under the name Irish as his last name. But he was still David Meyer son. After he heard his mother died giving birth to his sister Danielle. He had to meet her one day.

He is Danielle only living relative, the only person she has. Plus he has her too. Damien was vowed to keep all secrets under the Meyer's family name, so he knows everything.

Short Role play(one paragraph): Not required for a admin 2nd account.

Did you PM the admin the site password? Teddy Lupin
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Jade Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Damien Irish   May 14th 2009, 3:59 pm


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Damien Irish
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