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January, 2038

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 38 Years Later... The World of Hogwarts

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Elizabeth Potter

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PostSubject: 38 Years Later... The World of Hogwarts   October 24th 2009, 7:45 pm

So it is, 38 years after the famous Harry Potter killed the dark lord Voldemort who goes by another name Tom Riddle

The world of wizardry believed that
the dark power was gone,

or was it?....

Tell me, did you ever think the dark
power was gone?

No.... it's not possible quite

Secrets goes everywhere we go

but there was a secret that not many

Tom Riddle back in the days before he became known as Voldemort, he had a girlfriend by the name of Anna Frost who died giving birth to their daughter Arielle. For many years, Arielle was known as Arielle Frost when she went to Hogwarts with the Marauder's generation. Even though she slowly lost contact with her father by escaping her life with the help of her friends who knew nothing of the reason why she didn't want to go home but she was always caught by his death eaters who pretend to be family. She fell in love with Remus Lupin who soon became her husband shortly after moving in with him after Hogwarts.We all know the story of that very night when James and Lily Potter were murdered but there was more to it. Great fear upon Arielle, she knew who was coming and who was going to die. She toldRemus that she is Voldemort daughter but she doesn't want to do anything withhim. Hours before on the same night James and Lily died, Voldemort broken intotheir house while Arielle was with her 3 year old son Robin. He killed his onlydaughter while taking Robin with him and set the house on fire. Robin was takento live with the Malfoys. Until Remus came to teach at Hogwarts, where he finds his lost son Robin alive after all these years.

After all, we all know the stories of Harry Potter in finding his way to destroy the Voldemort along with his friends. Such a challenge for them all but it is time to hear a new story that may change the world again.

So come and join the site today to find out whatshall happen
after the New Generation have all graduated Hogwarts, got married and had kids which those kids are now call Era Generation. Like any other year, another year has begun for Hogwarts school of wizardry and witches.

But what would be worse this year

when all of us now must choose a side?

Good V.S. Evil

Your Choice...

Join us Today!

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38 Years Later... The World of Hogwarts
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