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January, 2038

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 Varian Blaine

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Varian Blaine


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PostSubject: Varian Blaine   June 18th 2009, 3:25 am

In Character

Name:Varian Blaine
Nicknames: n/a
Year AND Age:Fifth year 15 years old
Preferred houses (state 2): Slytherin(first) or Ravenclaw (second)
Birthday - Month/Day/Year:1/13/2023
Blood Status: Pureblood
Race: (vampire/werewolf, witch/wizard) (Choose one)Wizard

Height:5' 10"
Hair: blonde
Eye color: blue
Build: medium
Other distinguishing features: n/a

Personality(one paragraph): Varian is a rather cold natured boy. He feels little pity for those around him and has little patience for people who are unintelligent, arrogant or clueless. He is respectful to others until they prove he should treat them otherwise and he demands respect in turn. But he will comfort a person when they need it, the tiny amount of compassion he has reserved solely for that task. Varian also happens to be highly intelligent, taking great pride in his good grades.

Skills (name 5):Varian's good with astronomy and divination. He's a good Quidditch player all around, excelling as a chaser or keeper, though he is a fine beater with precise aim. He is also decent with potions. Varian is also an accomplished swordsman, finding the skills to be helpful when dueling with magic and wands.

Weaknesses (name 5): Varian is short-tempered and often his feelings of annoyance gets the better of him. He is quick to a fight, as reflected by his habit of being quick to anger. He is less likely to jump to the defence of someone else(innocent or not) then he is to jump down the throat who just plain annoys him. Varian also has trouble asking anyone for help, having a strong distaste for those who can't figure out a situation on there own. He also has a violent dislike of PDA, which causes him to have trouble in relationships.

Likes (name 5): Varian likes Quidditch, the stars, sword play, miso soup and quiet.

Dislikes (name 5): Varian dislikes loud/obnoxious people/places, bright colors, arrogant twits, sweets and being bothered during his quiet time.

Motto: "If you can't do it yourself, then just go away."

Acario Blaine (Auror) - Deceased
Mother: Cecilia Ramphart (Housewife turned Shop Owner of antique magical items)
Brother/Sisters: Sister(older) Faustine Blaine - Deceased

History(two paragraph): Born in 2023 on a crisp night, Varian was welcomed into the arms of a cold-hearted and twisted Auror and his arrogant trophy wife. They raised him to be a strong and cold demeanered person like them, but Varian eventually grew to the point where such things had no interest to him and he was simply annoyed with their constantly over bearing presence.

The year after his older sister graduated from Hogwarts(Varian was 9) she and their father died in a small fight between some Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix. Neither Varian or his mother mourned either loss a great deal. Cecilia allowed the Ministry to take anything of her late husband's that may get her into trouble later if hidden and then she sold everything else to buy a manor for herself and her remaining child.

Cecilia made certain that her son got every comfort and was pushed hard to become a highly intelligent and strong individual. She demanded perfection, and Varian was loathe not to give it. He was already trained in the Dark Arts and sword play by the time he was sent his acceptance into Hogwarts. However, the boy showed little love for the Dark Lord, prefering to not mingle with the arrogant and cruel followers of such a wizard.

Varian grew to excel in Astronomy, Divination and Potions, as well as, of course, Defence Against the Dark Arts. He made every effort to excel in his school work and extracuricular activities. He believed that the predjudices betwen the school houses was ridiculous, and determined that if he found someone who was not annoying and was respectful, then he would probably consider them a friend.

Short Role play(one paragraph): A nine year old boy stood, looking impassionately down at two fresh graves, standing next to his equally dispassionate mother. They were very similar to each other, sharing the golden locks and blue eyes of the Ramphart family. Below him lay the bodies of his much darker father and elder sister. Neither of the living Blaines shed a single tear.

To one side, Varian could hear the twitterings of a couple of old crones, spitting out profanities and hatred. "That discusting family! Look! The child isn't even sad at the deaths!" "I know! Simply disgraceful!"

To the otherside, Varian heard other foul words. "She is now quite well off. Has all of Blain's wealth and old possessions now." "It's even better that she still looks as good as she does, even after two children..." "If it weren't for the brat, I'd try my hand at her..."

Varian snarled at the last line he heard and paused only when he felt the softly restraining hand of his mother on his head. She glanced down at him through the gauzy veil over her face and calmed immediately, nowing his mother was not some tramp to be taken lightly, as these men were, and that they would get their due. "Here," she said softly, handing him two pure-white lilies. He took them from her fingertips and placed one each on the graves of his father and sister. Then he and his mother turned and walked away.

Did you PM the admin the site password? (which Admin):
That has been taken care of, Thank you Ms. Elizabeth Potter.
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Jade Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Varian Blaine   June 18th 2009, 4:31 am

Welcome to Slytherin House!

This is really a great apply!
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Varian Blaine
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